Hardwood Floor Installations

Prefinished and Unfinished Installations at Competitive Prices

We use the most advanced techniques combined with the highest level of craftsmanship to install or refinish hardwood floors

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There are flooring contractors -- and there are Artisan flooring contractors. For more than 40 years, we have been providing inspired, artisan quality custom wood floors. We work with every sort of wood and provide customization to fit the most most discriminating taste.

Pre-finished floors offer an advantage – they can save time, labor, money and come with a manufacturer warranty.

A custom hardwood floor that's finished "on site" will always offer superior beauty and quality. We recomend extra sanding with unfinished floors. We sand our floors once installed to achieve a consistent finish. We offer custom staining and finishing and can match any stain to ensure your floor matches the look and feel of your home.

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dust free

Dustless Sanding Technology is 99.9 % Dust Free And Environmentally Friendly

When you hire a contractor for refinishing your floors, make sure they use a Dustless Sanding Technology. Only use a refinishing company that offers "dustless sanding". No one can refinish without some dust, but these machines come equipped with a high-powered vac that drastically reduces the amount of debris leftover. If the contractor tells you that they will seal the room with plastic, you will be finding the dust in your whole house throughout the next 12 months. It is an important health and well-being issue for the homeowner!

Sanding a wood floor usually consists of the following steps: sanding floors down to the bare wood, filling the floor for cracks and applying a 3 coat process [1 coat of stain; 2 coats of polyurethane either oil or water base].

Although many flooring companies don't recommend sanding unfinished, engineered floors, we do because we are professionals in this area.

All our refinishing comes with a dust containment system.

It is the hardwood floors carefully finished surface(s) that sets their beauty and uniqueness apart from one floor to the next.

Typical family life with children and pet traffic do not support the longevity of these hardwood finished surfaces over a pro-longed number of years. While considered to be common wear and tear, dulling and scratching can all be eliminated with a simple and inexpensive process known as "refinishing".

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Our Guarantee

Installing and refinishing hardwood floors is an art. Why hire anyone but a seasoned artist with skills developed through more than 40 years of experience?

Choose a professional who can guarantee a beautiful, efficient and correct installation. You’ll be glad you did.

We satisfy the highest standard for experience, customer service and industry know-how that ascertains your project is accomplished with high precision that surpasses the expectation of every client.

We have no room for mistakes and we make sure that you will get results that will satisfy your needs. We will work with you step by step to help satisfy your expectations.

We are backed by a one year service warranty. We also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied by the service you received. Our mission is to ensure that all clients get service that satisfies their requirements perfectly.

Anytime you have hardwood floor installation service that you need accomplished on time, you can rely on us to get it done right the first time. Our reviews and feedback from our former clients are enough to inform you about us to help in making an informed decision.

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