Repairing and Refinishing Hardwood Floors

5 Steps to Restoring Hardwood Floors

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1. Taking care of the tough spots in your hardwood floors

Our initial priority is to concentrate on areas of the floor that are distressed, like water damaged boards and heavily discolored parts due to "high traffic".

Then we sand your whole room with the heavy machine.

2. Dustless Sanding Technique is a big deal!

When you hire a contractor for refinishing your floors, make sure they use a Dustless Sanding machine. These machines come equipped with a high-powered vacume that drastically reduces the amount of debris leftover and dust in the air. If the contractor tells you that they will seal the room only with plastic, you will be finding the dust in your whole house throughout the next 12 months.

The dustless technique is an important health and well-being issue for the whole family!


3. Edges and harder to reach places

During the next step, we sand the edges of the room and hard-to-reach places. The key to success is to have the top of the line equipment and a lot of skill and experience. A minor error, like oversanding in one spot, will make a shallow area and your floors could have irrepairable damage. Corners are hand sanded or scraped.

This job also requires a lot of eye-to-hand coordination and needs to be done meticulously.

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4. Multiple layers of coating with sanding in between

We will coat your floors with any finish you desire. We will tell you about the avalable choices, since every type of coating brings up different properties of wood.

The finish determines what color your floors will be when done.

5. Floors dry to a satin look or a glossy finish

We can apply nearly any finish to your rejuvenated floors from no-gloss to satin gloss to super gloss, where your floors will look like they are covered with glass. It is the matter of your personal preference. We will do it professionally and correctly. We will not cut corners.

Your new floors will last for many years to come.

You will stand on our reputation every day!

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